I have amazing long term relationships with various factories in China and India. For my current collections I have worked with factories and friends that have developed over the years. My initial challenge was doing small quantities in a world which usually requires large minimums, my factories and friends have worked with me offering various solutions to help me create exclusive smaller quantity runs conducive to a smaller business and for that I really thank them. . . In return they get to work on styling and fabrics that are more interesting for them to work on!

My Sweater factory is in Dongguan China, the factory began in 1993 and is still operating by the same owners. I began working with them in 1997, same factory but now much more automated…today there are no hand knitting machines, all auto machines. My go to guy is Gary, we work on product together. . . there are many factories to choose from, but these owners go over and above. They live in Hong Kong and travel 4+ times a week to monitor their production, so I know they are always on top of things.

My cut & sew factory is in Hangzhou China. I work with an honest hard working merchandiser there, who when I request unusual fabrics like Bamboo & other new and emerging blends he pushes his boundaries and finds them for me. Again, because I work with less quantities than his requirements he works with me to help me grow and support my brand with integrity.